Sunday, October 25, 2009

The week of giving of O.S.M.B.A. France.

The week of giving.
Oct 2009. By Francois Chiquet..

The first week of giving surprise packages, helping the poor and those living on the streets without good clothes, food or a minimum of entertainment took place last last week October 7th till 13th in Paris. This little friendly and humanitarian action was an initiative of O.S.M.B.A. Ambassador for France  Comte Sydney who personally delivered most of the surprise packages himself to a quantity of clochards, poor people living on the streets and those in need. He was assisted by the Ambassador's first assistant and chief of missions and donations Don Cesar Arques. Comte Sydney explaines that there is still a lot of work to do, not only in Paris or in France but, all over the world. O.S.M.B.A. is a big order but, we are also living in a big world and a lot people need help and in many senses. Every person has his/her little problem if not many. What we are trying to do is to make them just a little happy even if it is for a few moments and handle them a surprise, some clothes, a book, a game or some food or to give them some attention and speak and listen to them. Listening is something very important. We are also happy that we did it in a more personal way by giving it personally to the poor, poor families, people living in the streets, beggers in the metro and at a few places were they unite, so we are sure they get it and use it if they like. Our good assistants investigated the different areas of the city and it's people before we started our personal tours of giving, this is how we knew for instance what clothes sizes some of the people had. Others who did not needed or wanted clothes or books were given a surprise package, food or some were personally invited to a few bistros, so we adapted to the people. Although the first week of giving was October 7th till 13th we are planning to continue our private little missions and donations as there are always more people in need and happy when they get a surprise package. O.S.M.B.A. is happy to contribute apart from all other missions in the world and will try to keep this great little humanitarian mission as a tradition.

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